Converting visitors to customers has never been so easy!
Discover, understand and engage with your most valued customers in realtime


Realtime events

Our realtime events help you identify visitors showing hot lead or abandonment behaviors based on the different activities they peform on your website from the time of landing to completing a purchase. Example events would be Searched product, Added to cart, Started checkout, Completed checkout, Error in checkout.


Realtime screen mirror

Our realtime screen mirror gives you as-it-happens view of your visitor's browser. All interactions on your website like mouse movements, mouse clicks, page scrolls, page navigations, keystrokes are shown to you in realtime to give you quickest and deepest possible insights into your visitor behavoir and intent.



Realtime chat

Once you have discovered and understood your visitors, you can engage with them in realtime using our live chat feature. Immediately start attending to visitors who are experiencing checkout errors, unable to find products they are searching for or looking for general information.

Identify hot leads

Easily identify your high potential customers based on different metrics like depth of pages browsed, time spent on website, cart value, purchase history etc

Increase sales

Increase sales conversion rates by allowing agents to co-shop with customers, recommend products or services, and effectively cross-sell, up-sell, and increase order size.

Faster conversion

Reduce shopping cart abandonment by allowing agents to guide customers through the check-out process.

Instant support

Augment your support processes with our realtime "Second Screen" experience and shorten resolution times and provide more effective interactions.

Deeper engagements

Know your customers first hand by their choices, tastes and shopping experiences and have deeper engagements so they keep returning to your store for more.

Educate your customers

Increase customer web self service rates by guiding them to appropriate answers in the knowledge base and teaching them how to search and navigate more effectively in the future.

What is Gamooga Second Screen?

Gamooga Second Screen is a web application that gives you deep insights into what your visitors are doing on the website in realtime. It shows different activities being performed by visitors like page visits, searches, cart additions, cart abandonments, checkouts, checkout errors etc - in realtime. Such information helps you identify visitors most likely to make a purchase on the website along with any difficulty they are facing browsing or purchasing through your website.

Your support team can then, to help him make a purchase, start a screen mirror to view the customer's screen in realtime. They will be able to get a full sized view of how the website is being browsed by the customer. They will also be able to see the mouse moves, mouse clicks, page navigation, infact every interaction of the customer in realtime.

Your support team can also message him in realtime to offer him any help in browsing through the website or help him out in choosing the product that he is looking for or even offer him discounts to tip him off to make the payment. Its as if the support team is over the shoulders of the customer helping him out in realtime like a real physical store.

With Gamooga Second Screen, you can now discover, understand and engage with visitors in a way that has never been possible in e-commerce history.


  • Completely browser based
  • No Java or Flash required
  • No downloads required
  • Highly realtime
  • Cloud based, highly scalable
  • Fully privacy complaint, block private data
  • Integrates with your website in minutes
  • Zero impact on your page load times
  • No extra load on your web infrastructure
  • No impact on visitor's browser performance